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About our Earrings


Our Earrings

We create colourful, lightweight, easy to wear earrings. Each pair is it’s own one-off wearable artwork. All our earrings are created by the two of us, by hand using fused plastic, gold foiling and 12ct gold filled hooks. Every single pair is 100% handmade and therefore 100% unique! Our earrings are also popular because they are so light and easy to wear. You can wear a HUGE pair of earrings and not worry about sore, stretched lobes!

The point of difference with our jewellery is that it happily sits somewhere in nomansland between cheap mass produced costume jewellery and (for a lot of people) un-affordable precious stone and metal jewellery. Our work is handmade, but attainable. Highly wearable, but not throwaway. Exclusive, but not pretentious. We design our work for longevity.

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