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Frankie Magazine

Over the past 10 years, we have been featured in the pages of iconic Frankie Magazine numerous times. There are a few examples...

Earring Feature
In 2017, some lovely words about our creative process accompanied by some images of our earrings.


Charity Donation
Back in 2014 Frankie supplied us with a blank grey sweater and gave us free reign to create a one-off design to donate for a charity auction. All funds raised went to the Australia Literacy and Numeracy foundation and we were thrilled our piece made a few hundred dollars for this worthwhile cause.


Creative Project
A life time ago (2012!!!) we were asked by Frankie to contribute a DIY project to inspire their readers. While there are a million hanging planters around now, this was a very progressive idea at the time. So we may blush at the basic nature of this now, we feel it's good to sometimes reflect on where you came from and how your creative work has developed over the years ;)