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Way back in 2012, Yen Magazine asked us to contribute a DIY for their readers. We decided everyone should have a kokedama in their lives, so put together a how to guide with the materials and process needed to make one of these beauties. Fun fact : we made one of these for a friend at the time and it's still thriving to this day! Kokedama instructions are below if you want to give it a go ;)

Kokedama (hanging string ball plants) 

Kokedama is the Japanese art of creating hanging moss balls. This DIY kokedama with a colourful twist is lots of fun and easy to make. 
We hope you enjoy getting your hands dirty, making something unique and adding a colourful hanging plant to your living space!


Plants. Consider where it will be hanging and how big the plant will grow. Some plants are better suited than others, so make sure you choose one that will be happy in its environment.

We used Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) and Alocasia (Alocasia Zebrina)

Sphagnum moss

Potting mix

Some old stockings you no longer wear (you only need the foot, so cut approx 15 cm length)

Brightly coloured acrylic wool or string


Sewing needle with a large eye

Step one:

Remove the plant from it's pot, loosen the roots a little, and gently place into the stocking foot. Pack potting mix around it to get a nice circular shape and ensure there is a lot of support for the plant. You may need to cut off any excess stocking so it is not bulky around the base of the plant. 

Step two:

Dip the sphagnum moss in a jug of water, then apply sections of of it to the sphere. Don't try to do too much at once, as it will fall off.

Step three:

Take the wool, wrap it over the sphagnum to secure it, then tie off the end. Continue wrapping the wool around the sphagnum until it is secure. Be sure to keep the wool tension tight, and alternating around the sphere to get an even coverage.

Step four:

Continue repeating steps two and three until all of the sphere has been covered with sphagnum. 

Step five:

Continue wrapping the wool, still alternating around the sphere to get an even coverage.

Step six:

Once the sphere is completely covered, cut off a 30cm length, thread it through one of the bottom layers, and tie it off so it is secure.

Step seven:

Cut two pieces of wool, approximately double the length that you would like it to hang from. Thread one onto the needle and stitch from the top, close to the plant, leaving just under half the wool hanging out. Continue stitching underneath and up the other side. Repeat with the second piece of wool, starting in between the first two pieces of wool that are hanging out from the top. You will end up with four bits of wool emerging from the top with which to hang your new plant. Check that the plant is sitting evenly and tie off with a loop and the end of your wool.

Step eight:

Find the perfect place to hang your new little garden.

Care instructions:

Follow the care advice that came with the plant, keeping in mind certain plants need specific conditions to survive and thrive. To water, sit the sphere in a bowl of water until it is absorbed. Allow to dry before you hang it back up.