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Each pair of earrings is original and handmade by Peaches+Keen in Melbourne, Australia.

Materials used are 12ct filled yellow gold, thermoplastic and gold foil. Gold hooks may be gently cleaned using a specific cleaning cloth. Thermoplastic may be gently cleaned using warm soapy water. Please take care not to expose the gold foil to abrasive surfaces that may cause it to scratch. Colours may fade over time; do not leave in the sun as this will accelerate fading. Please be aware these earrings are light to wear, so always ensure they are secure in your ears and use a back if you are prone to lost earrings.

Brass Sculpture Mobiles

Please take care when handling as these mobiles are delicate. Brass will develop a patina with age. Thermoplastic should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Linen Cushions
100% linen with Velvet or Lurex piping. P l e a s e ... Do not tumble dry. 
Do not dry clean. 
Do not bleach.